5 Key Strengths for Career Development

5 Key Strengths for Career Development

To become successful, you will need to develop certain key strengths. These are called soft skills and not usually taught in most African schools, universities and colleges.

You will have to develop them yourself but not to worry, Mentor Africa Foundation is here for you.

You should always make it a priority to continually grow skills and experience. This way you add value to yourself as a professional, as well as give value to the organisation you work for.

Soft skills will make or break your career

There are multiple ways to improve on these soft skills, the key thing is to invest your time and devote attention to learning valuable skills.

Multitasking and your willingness to diversify your skill is always a good way to set yourself apart from other professionals competing for the same jobs, projects or positions as you are.

Below are Five Key Strengths for Your Career Success

1. Communication Skills

Great communication skills are essential to your career development.

When you are applying for a job, an employer scrutinises the way you talk over the phone, how you give information on email, your CV and cover letter, and how you carry yourself during the interview.

As a young professional, having great communication skills will stand you out. For your career growth, work towards improving your communication skills.

Endeavour to proofread any form of written communication you send out, and take your time to listen, as well as read the instructions in emails with care.

The ability to articulate your thoughts and ideas in speech and writing, and active listening are strengths that
demonstrate how well you will work with others. Be conscious of what you write. While speaking during meetings, answer in grammatically correct sentences.

Communication Skills for Workplace Success

2. Ability to Make Decision and Solve Problems

Decision making and problem solving are one of the top 10 soft skills of the decade. The ability to identify complex problems and review related information in order to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions can distinguish you from others.

Being able to solve problems leads to creativity, a key strength that makes you capable of analysing problems from all possible angles to identify all possible solutions.

3. Flexibility and Adaptability

Learn to manage multiple tasks.

In today’s world, being able to multitask and being flexible enough to work under changing conditions and management is highly appreciated. Learn to assign series of tasks to yourself and give deadlines.

If you are willing to work under a multitude of changing circumstances, you will be highly sought after. Your ability to adapt to any working condition will influence your career progression.

4. Planning and Time Management

Planning and organising requires the ability to estimate correctly the time required to complete tasks.

Either as an employee or an entrepreneur, managing your time properly is an asset to your arsenal. Always pay special attention to the way you plan your tasks.

When given a deadline by your employer or client ensure you meet or beat them.

Planning allows you to prioritise work, meet deadlines and maintain an orderly space to stay on top of projects and assignments.

Here are 7 essential time management strategies to help you get started.

5. Analytical and Research Skills

One way to prepare for a successful career is by developing analytical skills. When presented with a question or problem, do not give a rushed answer, instead;

  • take the time to analyse the situation
  • think of all possible scenarios and
  • if possible ask for some time to do some research to find out more

Being analytical, but also having strong research skills, differentiates you from others. It demonstrates your determination, your ability to assess different scenarios, and your commitment to be sure before giving an answer to your employer.

Analysis Is the Critical Starting Point of Strategic Thinking ...

These key strengths show employers that you have dedicated time and practice to building a specific skill or mindset.

One effective way of advancing in your career is by connecting with a mentor. A mentoring platform like MAF seeks to support you in your personal and professional development. We are here to help you develop valuable skills for your career success. Sign up here to get connected to a mentor.

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