7 Bad Habits That Truly Wealthy People Never Have

7 Bad Habits That Truly Wealthy People Never Have

Episode 61 - Owning Your Mistakes Is The Only Way To Move Forward ...

6. They Don’t Waste Time Talking About Other People

Now, we could be wrong but we don’t believe Bill Gates spends most of his free time engaging his fellow billionaires about some valueless thing someone else did while they drink margaritas and laugh.
Successful people do not spend their time in petty gossip.
Sure, they may mention an ill or mistake a former friend/colleague/associate did but you may never hear them say;
“OMG last night did you see what Felicia said to Mohammed Salah?”
“Did you hear that future has a 7th baby mama?”
“Did you know that R Kelly and Usher are dating the same girl?”
They don’t do that and you shouldn’t either.

7. They Don’t Spend Time Worrying About What People Would Say

Successful people are the most focused set of people in the world, and the most common trait they share is that they are doers.
Not thinkers, not worriers. Doers!
They set their mind at a goal and they don’t worry about what people would say about their decision. They just do it. At most, they take advice from people who have already charted their course and learn from their teachings.
They care about their investors, shareholders, their mentors. The people whose opinions matter. You might not have investors and shareholders yet but you can find mentors here.
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