How To Develop Your Brand at Work

How To Develop Your Brand at Work

Today, we’re sharing a story with you; don’t worry it’s one of the fun ones.

We can guarantee you it’s NOT going to end with ‘To God be the Glory’.

We’re introducing you to the best guy!

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Meet Tony.

Tony graduated with a second class degree (lower division), from an African University, has a post-graduate diploma and is seriously considering getting his masters -just as soon as he can confidently afford it.

He has his sight set on an ivy league university and we’re rooting for him.

Like every other career-minded young man Tony is looking to cement his position at his new firm, especially because he was a tad under-qualified for his current role but he got it anyways using the tips we’ve shared here.

Fast forward 8 months later, Tony is one of the most respected people in his department, everyone’s go-to guy and there have been whispers that he’s next in line for a new promotion.

Thankfully, Tony’s our guy, we know exactly how he built this brand and with his permission, of course, we’re sharing with you. Get out your notepads, and some cold water because you’re about to get schooled.



What is a brand?

A brand, as QuickSprout puts it, is “anything—a symbol, design, name, sound, reputation, emotion, employees, tone, and much more—that separates one thing from another”.

It is the thought that would cross anyone’s mind when they think about you.

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Seems important enough, yes?

Surprisingly, a lot of people pay zero minds to create and establish a brand for themselves. The downside of this is that if YOU don’t actively strive to create a brand for yourself, people are going to create one for you and you might not like it.

It could be slanderous, destructive or wonderful.

The only way to be sure, however, is to create one yourself. Here’s how:

How To Develop Your Brand at Work

1. Know Your Value

You need to first recognise what unique value you have that will help you stand out from your colleagues.

You want to be recognised and valued for something but that shouldn’t be just anything.

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It should be a unique value proposition that is aligned with the mission of your organisation. Recognise what your USP is. What makes you stand out from your colleagues and aim for perfection.

2. Ask for Feedback

Now and then we are hit with wonderful stats from one organisation or group and you’d probably think “how did they come up with these stats?”. Well, they conducted a poll, and so should you.

Identify the value you present, begin to establish yourself as the provider and after a while inquire from your colleagues. This would help you know if your efforts have been noticed at all if you’ve been going about your implementation the right way and if there’s anything that needs tweaking.

3. Don’t Falter

Like everything we do in life, consistency is key.

You have to be deliberate on your approach and be consistent. You should note that some aspects of your personal life should be put in check while you build your professional brand, especially your social media.

If you’re building a reputation as a valued consultant you should probably not be ‘twit-fighting’.

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4. Leverage Social Media

There is so much you could do on social media. Tony started by dropping useful tips on his facebook and twitter. Soon enough he was writing full threads on twitter and videos for his Instagram and IG TV. In no time, he had built a valuable network of professionals and paid forward enough social capital that turned out to be viable currency at work.

While these are just a few tips, know that they are immensely essential to your professional growth and development.

Tony makes sure to check in with his mentor for advice as he climbs his career ladder and we can’t wait to see how far he goes. Tony built his professional brand from scratch, Tony has a mentor from Mentor Africa Foundation,

Tony is on his way to the top.

Be like Tony.

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