How to Write an Application Letter for African Companies

how to write an application letter for african companies

How to Write an Application Letter for African Companies

There has been much ado about the cover letter or the application letter.  The similarities, the differences and ultimately if they mean the same thing.

In present-day discourse, they do refer to the same document, however, an application letter, unlike the cover letter, can be a stand-alone document (without a CV ) while a cover letter should create an opening for your CV.

For this conversation, we’re grouping them under one umbrella.

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It is mostly normal that when posting job openings, African companies would require that you attach an application letter and sometimes job seekers struggle with this;

  • what information to put down,
  • how to structure it to look more appealing,
  • what is too much information and all that fancy stuff.

So, let’s do a breakdown.

If you haven’t, check out our post on how to write a cover letter, where we’ve discussed a break down of the ideal content for a cover letter. For this discourse, however, this is what you should know about writing an application/cover letter for any African company.

How To Write an Application Letter

1. Learn About the Company You’re Applying To

First, you need to show some initiative and learn about the company you’re applying to. This will help you; write a custom application letter tailored to specifically that company with genuine content, show the recruiter that you are forward thinking and would also prepare you on the interview to come.

2. Explain How Your Skills March The Required Position

If you don’t have experience in that role this is where you show off your transferable skills. Now, this is the time to mention any achievements that are relevant to the job or to the prowess of your aforementioned skills.

3. Keep It Short

Keep it short and sweet, remember the recruiter has several others to go through, seeing a lengthy letter from you might be a straight up discouragement to even read it. So, keep it within 250-350 words, keep it direct with powerful keywords, always stay on topic and maintain a constant energy throughout.

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NEVER start your application letter with “To whom it may concern.”

Remember why you researched in the first place. If you can find the recruiter’s name, address him/her. This would give your letter a nice personal touch. Make sure you address the points raised in the job ad/job spec and how you can assist in your capacity as a valid candidate, Most of all, show them the value you can add as a successful candidate.

Here are some application letter templates to get you started.

Remember, there is no room for errors here as you would be making your first impression to a prospective employer. Proofread! Proofread!! Proofread!!!

Maintain focus on how YOU can add value to the company and why you’re the next best thing since fun size chocolate.


PS: An opportunity like this would be a great time to pick your mentor’s brain. If you don’t have one, SIGN UP NOW!

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