Life Skills You Need To Increase Your Likelihood of Success

Life Skills You Need To Increase Your Likelihood of Success

“As I plot my goals for this year, one is making sure my kids are consistently learning these skills — I still don’t see them being taught in school as much as they should, which is a bit disappointing. These include things like personal finance, which my mom taught me at an early age…”

This was John Hall, Co-founder of Calendar and author of Top of Mind as he opened a discuss on on the value of developing the life skills we will be breaking down for you to make sure you not only get a fair shot at success but that you get it, and keep it. Get your notes ready, ‘cause the school of life is in session.

John gave us 7 key skills but we’ve gone ahead with a quick roundup of 5, in very quick succession. Here’s the scoop:

1.  Financial Literacy

We’re calling it this because it’s pretty fancy and the term is all-encompassing, but specifically as you branch out into the scary world of ‘adulthood’, it is important you learn how to manage money.

So, get into it; diversify your income, learn savings culture, expense tracking and money management, learn about investing (bonds, stocks, the works).

Even better, there are apps for these so you don’t have to do any of the work. Apps like: Kudi.AI, ALAT,, cowrywise, reach, etc. Get acquainted.

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2. Mental Health Care

If you have an internet-enabled smart device, which you do as you’re reading this right now from one, you’re conversant with the term ‘mental health’.

We’ve safely moved from a time when it was taboo to discuss mental health, to a time where if you wanted to ignore we’d probably think you’ve lost your mind!

However, more than just recognising the term in publications, you need to know how to recognise mental health issues and how best to protect your mental health. From dealing with anxiety to lacking confidence. If you don’t handle these things, they will impede your growth.

3. Time Management

Time management is at the pinnacle of everything great. From being able to coordinate and plan your day promptly, to meeting deadlines and turning in projects on time.

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Being able to manage your time will determine if you will have a successful venture or drown in the sea of procrastination.

The sooner you learnt how to prioritize your goal for goal achievement, the sooner you take charge of your journey.

4. Strategy

John spoke about teaching his daughter games like chess and UNO to teach her strategic thinking and calculation. Granted, we can’t all recognise who the queen is in chess or if the bishop was truly ordained, but to succeed in business and life you need to learn how to plan your next move and anticipate the resultant effect.

While surprises are inevitable, being strategic will keep you on top of the situation.

5. Building Soft Skills

While your hard skills (the things you carry in your accomplishment studded Resume) will get you through the door, your soft skills will keep you on a steady path to greatness. Top on this list is leadership and team-building skills, problem-solving, and relationship building.

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Whether you run a company or work in one, you are going to need to nurture relationships.

No successful enterprise is created by one person in isolation.

You need to invest in developing soft skills like people management, team building and emotional intelligence if you’re going to have a shot at success. It’s not just about getting to the top but staying there.

We’re all on the journey to success, and while we can’t be completely certain we’d come out on top. We owe it to ourselves to make sure the odds are in our favour.

Unsure of how to apply these to your journey?

We made a post on our Instagram on the four (4) main paths to becoming a millionaire, it could give you great insights.

While, you’re here, explore, comment, share and don’t forget to sign up for mentorship.

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